Acupuncture for Delayed Ejaculation

The main reason I started getting a massage was because I was having trouble in the bedroom. Not the kind that men usually have however… I was having trouble reaching orgasm during sex. Now before you go and think that lasting longer in bed is a good thing, let me tell you it is not.  After a certain period of time, anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour (depending on your partner) the friction will start to take its tole on your lover and you will be met with pleas for you to stop because it is beginning to hurt. Other side effects include but the person you are with not thinking that they are attractive enough and/or accusations that you would rather not hear.

My first trip to an acupuncturist was because I seen an advert for massage in this advert it stated that this particular woman could cure DE. I was naturally skeptical but I had wanted to try acupuncture for a long time so I took myself on down to see her. I had no clue about what actually went on during an acupuncture session apart from the fact that needles where involved. When I arrived I was greeted with a lovely Chinese lady that claimed to be a third generation acupuncturist from a long lineage. She gave me a questionnaire to fill out and before long I was naked on a massage bed getting my first experience of cupping treatment.

The cupping was pleasant and focused around my genital area. I found this to be incredibly relaxing and sensual. Soon the needle work started. I have never been afraid of needles so this was no issue to me. They were so skilfully inserted I would probably not know she was doing it if I had not been looking. Once the cups and the needles were in place I was put under a heater to sit for around 20 minutes. After the session I felt really tired and hungry but I had no idea the effect that it was to have on my next session with my girlfriend.

On the very next occasion that I had sex I was not only able to ejaculate but the sensitivity that I felt in comparison to before was immense. Everything was over in just under 10 minutes and it could have been sooner if I had not held back. Needless to say I returned for more treatments and I am very glad that I discovered acupuncture, I don’t know how I lived without it. massage Belfast